uSTARTTM is an ultracapacitor based device that enhances vehicle performance. uSTARTTM improves battery life by maintaining a vehicle’s voltage under a wide range of load conditions. It supplies nearly all of the cranking current during engine starts. uSTARTTM stores a relatively small amount of energy compared with a battery, but it can deliver engine cranking current for a few seconds or power auxiliary loads for a few minutes.

Increased Reliability - prevents stranded vehicles,
starts in the harshest of conditions 

Increased Efficiency - powers hundreds of
Stop/Start events per day, ideal for delivery

Rapid Payback - Keeps your trucks rolling Battery
life doubled Starter life doubled

Built-in, no service call, “Jump Start” - even with a dead

10 Minute Installation- direct battery replacement (2 Wire) -
No Rewiring!


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