Braemer Energy Ventures Co-founder Touts Ioxus on Bloomberg TV

William Lese, Braemer Energy Ventures co-founder and a member of the Ioxus board of directors, recently spoke to Bloomberg Television about why his group continues to invest in energy storage technology. On the show “Money Moves with Deirdre Bolton,” Lese highlighted a few of his firm’s recent investments, including Ioxus.


Watch the segment here.

Speaking to the financial news channel’s audience, which includes 200 million homes around the world and 4.6 million unique monthly website visitors, Lese noted that there are many applications for energy storage, but one of the most exciting for him is in the automotive industry.

Lese said that next-generation vehicles – already on the rise on the roads of the U.S., Europe and Japan – will be micro hybrids that rely on more efficient energy storage technology for start-stop functions. Those hybrids are a prime application for ultracapacitors, said Lese, because ultracaps let manufacturers deliver power efficiently at attractive price points.

“Ioxus is a company that I’m very excited about in particular because the growth in this company is tremendous over the next couple of years,” Lese told Bloomberg Television. “The growth is just off the chart.”

When the show’s host pressed Lese to elaborate on his enthusiasm for ultracaps, he pointed out that evolving emissions standards will drive the adoption of micro hybrids, but so will manufacturer and consumer interest in robust technology and better fuel economy.

You can check out the segment, “Ioxus: Powering the green industry” on Bloomberg Television’s website.

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