Presenting: “Power Beyond the Battery” By Chad Hall, @PowerHall_UCAPS

By Chad Hall, @PowerHall_UCAPS

The automotive industry has always been at the forefront of innovation. With the addition of innovative features such as power steering, fuel injection engines and four-wheel drive, as well as smaller, functional additions, like the introduction of electric windows, built-in GPS and heated seats, automakers have consistently introduced customers to new technology that they now cannot live without. And while it seems as though car manufacturers have thought of everything, now the automotive industry is at a critical juncture. Due to demands from environmental groups, international regulators and even consumers, OEMs must take on a bigger challenge: leading a fundamental shift in how cars are powered.

Cars now need to be fuel efficient and cost effective, and cannot sacrifice any of the features consumers have grown to expect. Due to declining costs and advances in technology, ultracapacitors are quickly becoming the single most promising technology to power the automotive industry through this pivotal transition. Ioxus technology is leading the way, and so we are proud to announce a new education campaign: “Power Beyond the Battery.” Through a series of events over the next few months, we will work to raise awareness about the benefits to ultracapacitor technology and to stop/start technology as a whole. Expect to see:
• A Q&A series designed to educate consumers on what to ask before buying a hybrid car
• A white paper on an important topic to OEMs – the cost of an ultracapacitor-based system
• A Twitter chat with me (Chad Hall), in which I’ll answer all your questions about ultracapacitors and stop/start technology

And much more!

Follow @Ioxus and @PowerHall_UCAPS for more on the campaign. And, as always, tweet us any questions or suggestions you may have.

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  • Ioxus uSTART® Battery Replacement for Heavy Equipment Increases Starting Reliability

    ONEONTA, N.Y., April 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ioxus, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitors and energy storage products, announced today that the 24V uSTART® battery support system is now being offered as the heavy equipment industry's only drop-in replacement product that needs no special wiring. Using two group 31 batteries in series, with one 24V uSTART in parallel, users can replace their 4D battery in heavy equipment.

    The ultracapacitor-based product is designed with smart power electronics to assist in starting engines up to 50L for large off-road equipment.  Using the available Smartphone Bluetooth app, once the uSTART is connected to the batteries, users can look at the voltage of the batteries, the charge level of uSTART, initiate a jump start without connecting any wires, or put the unit into maintenance mode for safe removal or repairs.

    The goal of the uSTART system is to provide the vehicle with a start, no matter the condition of the existing batteries or external temperature. If the batteries run too low duread more...

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