Ultracapacitors Drive Cleaner, More Efficient Mass Transit

Last year, we predicted hybridized transportation would be a hot application area for ultracapacitors in 2012. Thanks to more government funding for energy efficient transportation projects, we are seeing this prediction come true. Forty-six energy-efficient mass transit projects across seven states received a total of $112 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Pike Research forecasts electric bus sales will rise 26 percent annually through 2018. As governments worldwide work to reduce the carbon footprint of public buses and light rail, manufacturers will seek technology to make this a reality.


Image Source: Light Rail Now

Ultracapacitors are one technology that helps boost fleet efficiency by solving energy storage problems. Ultracaps can store large amounts of energy in a small container, resulting in larger capacitance and less frequent maintenance. Also, ultracaps’ lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) meets the cooling requirements of hybrid buses and light rail applications. Using ultracaps with low ESR decreases the heat of the system and lowers the overall cooling requirements while boosting overall efficiency, lengthening the operating lifespan of cells and reducing harmful emissions into the environment.

Hybrid buses and light rail applications can take advantage of regenerative braking in order to capture, store and apply energy more efficiently. Because ultracapacitors charge and discharge very quickly they are ideal for recovering energy that would otherwise be lost during the braking process.

By using ultracapacitor technology, hybrid public transportation systems will become a cleaner and more efficient option for commuters. As we see hybridized transportation adoption gain speed around the world, we will also see increasing adoption of the ultracapacitors powering them.

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  • Ioxus uSTART® Battery Replacement for Heavy Equipment Increases Starting Reliability

    ONEONTA, N.Y., April 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ioxus, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitors and energy storage products, announced today that the 24V uSTART® battery support system is now being offered as the heavy equipment industry's only drop-in replacement product that needs no special wiring. Using two group 31 batteries in series, with one 24V uSTART in parallel, users can replace their 4D battery in heavy equipment.

    The ultracapacitor-based product is designed with smart power electronics to assist in starting engines up to 50L for large off-road equipment.  Using the available Smartphone Bluetooth app, once the uSTART is connected to the batteries, users can look at the voltage of the batteries, the charge level of uSTART, initiate a jump start without connecting any wires, or put the unit into maintenance mode for safe removal or repairs.

    The goal of the uSTART system is to provide the vehicle with a start, no matter the condition of the existing batteries or external temperature. If the batteries run too low duread more...

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