Will renewable energy beat projections by 2035?

By Brendan Andrews

Maybe, with the help of ultracapacitors.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently projected the global increase in renewable energy generation to be just 5 percent by the year 2035 in this year’s International Energy Outlook report. But Steve Leone, associate editor at RenewableEnergyWorld.com, recently gave 10 reasons why renewables might be able to beat the EIA’s projection. With the help of ultracapacitor technology, renewable energy generation can increase over the next 24 years.

Leone states that one of the factors that will lead to increased renewable energy is concern about the nuclear industry. With the vulnerability and global scrutiny of nuclear power since the March 2011 earthquake in Japan, the market for environmentally sensitive energy production is growing. As the door opens for alternative energy sources, such as wind, ultracapacitors will see greater adoption in wind turbines with electric pitch control systems. In fact, up to 75 percent of all new turbines will use electric pitch control systems.


Worldwide estimates for new wind turbine installations between the periods of 2010 through 2015 suggest a growth rebound with 118,000 newly installed turbines through 2015. Before widespread adoption is possible, inhibitors such as creating consistent, reliable stores of energy from unpredictable natural resources like wind power must be overcome.  Ultracapacitors provide the answer, offering a highly reliable option over batteries as they perform well under a wide range of temperature conditions. Ultracapacitors reduce overall system size and have a far longer lifespan than batteries, making them a significantly more cost-effective choice.

Ioxus is at the forefront of this effort, designing and manufacturing technology that will be instrumental in increasing the world’s rate of renewable energy generation beyond the EIA’s projections.

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    ONEONTA, N.Y.Jan. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ioxus uSTART® has received two fleet industry awards for sustainability by eliminating lead-acid batteries with its ultracapacitor-based, drop-in battery replacement.

    "With uSTART, fleets not only realize the benefits of improved starting reliability, there are equally important and real sustainability improvements from lead waste reduction," said Chad Hall, executive vice president and co-founder of Ioxus. "By replacing one of the batteries on a vehicle with a uSTART module, up to 15 fewer batteries are needed over the lifetime of the vehicle. This translates into 1,000 pounds of lead that will never need to be disposed of or allowed to affect groundwater."

    EU legislation on batteries is embodied in the European Battery Directive.  Its objective is to contribute to the preservation and improvement of environmental quality by minimizing the negative impact of batteries and battery waste.  As these preservation efforts expand, sustainable technologies develop to manage and mitigate these risks.

    Replacing a lead-acid battery with uSTART in a typical commercial vehicle creates measurable environmental benefits:

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