2015 North American Ultracapacitor Product Leadership Award goes to Ioxus

ONEONTA, N.Y., Sept. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ioxus proudly announces that it has been presented with a highly respected best practices award by Frost & Sullivan (F&S). F&S research involves extensive primary and secondary research across the entire value chain of specific products within the ultracapacitor industry. Against the backdrop of this research, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to recognize Ioxus as the Product Leader in the ultracapacitor industry, which clearly sets Ioxus apart from other companies in the field.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes that the dynamics within the ultracapacitor industry are constantly changing. Innovativeness, uniqueness, customer values, and matching the needs of the end customers are the key ingredients for success in this highly competitive market. To gain market share, ultracapacitor manufacturers must introduce new and better technology to replace existing stale technology. Vision alignment, operational efficiency, and positive company culture will nurture the existing talent within the company to manufacture high-performance, high-quality, and reliable products. Ioxus has been in the ultracapacitor market for more than seven years, and Frost & Sullivan finds that close partnerships with end users have given Ioxus the knowledge of various customer demands, which led it to design a suitable product that meets all of the end-user requirements for multiple applications, including the automotive, industrial, and micro-grid markets.

Energy storage, a critical function, and the applications Ioxus serve cannot afford downtime. Hence, the reliability and quality of an ultracapacitor play important roles in ensuring that the systems are problem-free. Frost & Sullivan analysis confirms that Ioxus offers products that are highly reliable and dependable. Moreover, Ioxus uses advanced testing facilities to ascertain that all capacitors perform satisfactorily before they leave the factory. Unlike other manufacturers, Ioxus has a dedicated technical team that makes sure the best solution is built and delivered on time for each application. Ioxus has a global presence with an extensive distributor network in all of the major regions. This enables Ioxus to provide around-the-clock services and ensure that customers can get the products they need. Ioxus documents every aspect regarding its customer's application and then selects products to make sure they are used properly, providing the best size and cost for the system. This shows that Ioxus is commitment to reliability, customer satisfaction, and quality.

The ultracapacitor industry is highly competitive. Frost & Sullivan's research reveals that by investing heavily in research and development, Ioxus has developed effective solutions that reduce operational costs and increase process efficiency for customers. Ioxus' Titan™ and iMOD X-Series® products are two industry-leading examples.

Ioxus' Titan™ product line of higher energy and higher temperature (85 degrees C) products sets another industry standard for long-term performance. These cells generate less gas at higher temperatures and voltage, allowing them to outperform the competition not only at the beginning of life, but over the course of the product life cycle. Ioxus products retain higher capacitance and lower ESR at the end of life. Ioxus delivers more power and energy both at the beginning and end of life.

The iMOD X-Series® products, a family of 23 modules based on a single design, allow customers to drastically reduce design time. The X-Series products have built-in heat sinks, front-facing terminals, integrated mounting that fits off-the-shelf hardware, industry best shock and vibration, market-leading IP-67 environmental protection, UL-810A safety rating, right-sizing capabilities that by far outshine the competitors, optional CAN communication, and world-leading 5kV hi-pot. These standard-setting modules are also chemistry agnostic, meaning as Ioxus rolls out future chemistries for higher power or energy, they can be fit into the X-Series products and the customer does not have to change footprint.

Frost & Sullivan's independent analysis of the ultracapacitor industry determined that one of the most difficult and challenging parts of developing an industry leader is management and leadership. F&S found that the Ioxus executive team seamlessly interacts with its employees so that goals are clarified, measured, and met. This has helped the company avoid strategic risks and helped transform Ioxus into one of the leading ultracapacitor manufacturers in the world.

Ioxus has achieved vision alignment by nurturing the engineering talents within the company to create a great company culture. Due to these factors, Ioxus has successfully gained a large customer base globally and, at the same time, has created a strong brand value. For these reasons, Frost & Sullivan presents the 2015 North American Ultracapacitor Product Leadership Award to Ioxus.

About Ioxus
Ioxus manufactures high-performance ultracapacitor technology for transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer product markets. The company offers the broadest range of cell styles in the industry, from 100 Farads to 3,000 Farads, with both iCAP® cylindrical and THiNCAP® pouch cell form factors. With our proprietary mixes and coating processes, Ioxus makes a superior electrode for ultracapacitors with higher power and energy density compared to other ultracapacitors. Ioxus designs and manufactures smaller, lighter weight iMOD® modules and the new iMOD X-Series™ family of module systems. Ioxus is headquartered in Oneonta, N.Y., with sales, service and quick-delivery inventory in Kusatsu, Japan, and Shanghai, China. For more information, visit www.ioxus.com and follow Ioxus on Twitter @Ioxus.

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