Data Sheet - iMOD064V050

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*Shown with optional CAN Monitoring Module


Part / Ordering Info:

iMOD064V050A23-01B Active Balancing, Digital OV, Analog Temperature

iMOD064V050A23-03B Active Balancing, CAN monitoring

iMOD064V050P23-01B Passive Balancing, Digital OV, Analog Temperature

iMOD064V050P23-03B Passive Balancing, CAN Monitoring

Cell_Base: 1200F


Capacitance [NOM/MAX]: 50/52

Voltage: 64.8

DC ESR 10ms (mΩ) [Nom/Max]: 6.0/7.2

IEC DC ESR (mΩ) [Nom/Max]: 8.2/10.8

AC ESR (mΩ 1kHz) [Nom/Max]: 4.6/6.0

Hi Pot Test Voltage: 5000

UL Max Operational Voltage (per UL810A): 2000

Cycling (Calculated Values)

Continuous Current (A): TBD

Current Short Circuit (A): 10800

Current, Peak [1s] (A): 1200

Thermal (Reference)

Operational Storage Range: -40 to 85 °C

Resistance_Thermal (°C/W) [RTH]: TBD

Energy (Reference / Calculated using nominal values)

Emax (Whr) [Min/Nom]: 21.9/22.8

Height (mm): 224

Width (mm): 147

Length (mm): 365

Mass (kg): 14

Volume (L): 12

Terminal Fastener Size / Max Torque: M8/20Nm & M10/30Nm

Life (EOL Criteria) [CAP/ESR]

DC (10 Yr, 25°C, @VR): >40/<21

Endurance (2000hr, 85°C, @VR): >40/<21

Storage (2 yr, 70°C, @ 0V) >180/<4: >44/<16

Cycle (1M Cyc, 25°C, @ VR-VR/2): >40/<21

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