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Delivery / Courier vehicles -replaces one of the existing batteries in a multi-battery design

Form Factor
BCI Group 31 (L 330mm x W 173mm x H 240mm)
Weight (<9kg) [~1/3 of Group 31 AGM or SLI Battery]

1. Increased Reliability - prevents stranded vehicles, starts in the harshest of conditions
2. Increased Efficiency - powers hundreds of Stop/Start events per day, ideal for delivery vehicles
3. Rapid Payback -

  • Keeps your trucks rolling
  • Battery life doubled
  • Starter life doubled

4. Built-in, road-side “Jump Start” - even with a dead battery
5. Less than 10 minute installation - directly replaces one group 31 battery - no rewiring required!

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Latest News

  • Ioxus uSTART™ Drop in Battery Replacement for Trucks, Guarantees Starts

    Ultracapacitor-powered uSTART™ available for Class 3 - 6 Vehicles

    ONEONTA, N.Y., March 28, 2016 -- Ioxus, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitors and energy storage products, announced today that the uSTART™ engine starting system is now being offered as the industry's only drop-in replacement product that needs no special wiring. The Ioxus ultracapacitor-based product is designed to do all of the things that competitive products do not, such as increasing the vehicle bus voltage by greater than 10% during crank, reducing cranking time for more than 20%, reduce peak current to the starter by more than 15%, reduce the cycling seen by the battery by more than 40%, increasing starter life by more than 30%, and provide a built-in jump start system that will allow users to charge the capacitor from adjacent "dead" batteries and eliminate stranded trucks. All without any special wiring—simply drop-in uSTART in place of an existing battery!

    The uSTART system from Ioxus is a two-terminal product, eliminating the rewiring required by competitive engine start modules. One of the existing read more...

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