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IOXUS is committed to creating safe and environmentally sound products. We also work towards providing the lowest shipping cost available to our customers. Below you will find the Safety Data Sheet or “SDS” document that will assist you with your document requirements.

Ultracapacitor SDS Download

White Pages

IOXUS is continually looking to introduce our customers to ultracapacitor technology and applications. To help with that, we generate white papers that have relevant information for our customers for applications that may be of interest. Below, you will find a list of these documents, and please stop back often, as we update this section often. Lastly, if you have a topic for a white paper that you think should be on the site, please feel free to contact us.

Cost Effective Micro-Hybrids

Forklift and Ultracapacitors

LED Ultracapacitors

PWP Ultracapacitors and Diesel Engine Starting


Wind Power Applications

Ultracapacitors and NaS Batteries



To assist you with your design, IOXUS can provide PDF drawings as well as 3D cad files. If you have a need for drawings or solid models, please contact us.

Download a copy of our Terms and Conditions for your purchase.

Download a copy of our Vendor Terms and Conditions if you are selling to IOXUS.

Our Technology

IOXUS, with the only 85°C rated product in the market, and the only fully integrated ultracapacitor design and manufacturing facility in North America, maintains the highest standards and delivers the most flexible problem-solving methods for storing and delivering power. Our Titan ultracapacitors were designs specifically to handle harsh mechanical, electrical, and environmental conditions found in transportation markets. We use a propriety electrode design to deliver the highest power density available. IOXUS ultracapacitors, also known as supercapacitors or double layer capacitors, are optimized for the highest performance with the lowest resistance possible. Lightweight and designed to last, they will drastically increase the system peak power when combined with high energy sources to optimize your product. They will prolong the lifespan of other energy sources, such as batteries, or they can act as a stand along energy source. Having no detrimental effects on the environment, IOXUS ultracapacitors are the epitome of green technology.

An ultracapacitor’s energy storage mechanism is a highly reversible process, relying on the movement of ions within an electrolyte. However, it does not make or break chemical bonds as a battery does, enabling very fast responses with the capability to deliver those responses hundreds of thousands of times with minimal change in performance. They are able to perform in a wide range of operating temperatures, from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. One of the best things about our ultracapacitors is that they are completely maintenance free, with a long shelf life that does not require conditioning.

These unique characteristics enable the design engineer to improve the energy efficiency for dynamic power applications. Ultracapacitors can allow for the replacement of existing energy storage systems, but can also be paired with other energy storage devices for more highly efficient design. They are used to capture energy for hybrid vehicles, light rail, locomotives, starting trucks, providing safety and reliability at wind farms, increasing life and speed of material handling equipment, and other green energy technologies which are enormously important today.

IOXUS is in the forefront of this market and is involved in all applications below:

  • Automotive Start/Stop
  • Automotive Voltage Stabilization
  • Automotive Regen
  • Crane Hybrid Gen-Sets
  • Windmill Pitch Control
  • Backup Power/UPS
  • Hybrid Energy Storage
  • Hybrid Drive Trains
  • Backup Power
  • Grid/Power Quality

IOXUS manufactures both cylindrical (“iCAP®) cells and pouch cells (THiNCAP®) . These cells form the core of our other products, such as the X-Series® or uSTART® modules and systems. We manufacture our own electrodes, and build our own cells and modules. This vertical integration is performed in North America, where we can control every aspect of the production utilizing our ISO-9001 certified processes. We test at each product 100%, every step of the way, ensuring that you get the highest quality product.

If you are interested in purchasing cells, please contact our sales department.

Download iRD1200F285CT Datasheet

Download iRD2000F285CT Datasheet

Download iRD3000F285CT Datasheet


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