“With over 100,000sf of manufacturing in North America’s only fully integrated ultracapacitor manufacturing facility, we strive to produce the world’s most powerful and highest quality ultracapacitors and modules available for a multitude of applications.”

–  Scottie Johnson, CEO

Company Overview

IOXUS is a technology company, and our iCAP ultracapacitors, iMOD modules, and THiNCAP products are optimized for higher power density, higher energy density, and voltage levels that provide simple solutions for our customers to incorporate our products easily.  Significant design efforts, along with the most advanced R&D in the market, have allowed IOXUS to significantly enhance products with various cell balancing techniques to solve problems for the hybrid automotive, hybrid bus, wind turbine pitch control, UPS, and industrial markets.

The IP-protected technology improvements offer markets a higher performing product that is easier to use and more cost effective to implement.

IOXUS is devoted exclusively to providing environmentally friendly products for use in a range of applications, UPS, wind turbines, industrial and automotive needs. By simplifying integration with packaged modules, IOXUS is assisting customers in generating end products faster, allowing for a quicker market adoption of the ultracapacitor technology. IOXUS cells are UL listed, and ready for use in your applications.

Power Systems Co., Ltd was acquired by IOXUS in 2012. This has allowed IOXUS to expand our product offering to include both prismatic pouch cells, or our THiNCAP® and THiNPAC® lines, as well as cylindrical iCAP® and iMOD® lines. IOXUS offers Ultracapacitors with chemistries using Acetonitrile (ACN) and Propylene Carbonate (PC).

Management Team

Meet the IOXUS executive and engineering team.

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