Increase efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.


Ultracapacitors and hybrid-ultracapacitors are the ideal clean technology for commercial and industrial use because they prolong the lifespan of other energy sources, such as simple, low-cost batteries. They are lightweight, long-lasting, and their manufacture and disposal has no detrimental effects on the environment, providing needed alternatives to fossil fuels. They can deliver and absorb a high current, are extremely temperature tolerant, and maintain a long life cycle. They can be used to provide energy to forklifts and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and help reduce emissions made by internal combustion engine powered trucks. Lift trucks can greatly benefit from hybridizing their current power sources with an ultracapacitor based system. The result–energy storage systems that have a long life, are more reliable and efficient, and allow you to cost optimize your next generation hybrid forklift or other industrial application.

Ultracapacitors are quickly becoming vital tools in the world of forklifts, AGVs, cranes, and other and internal combustion engines. Industrial machines have continued to grow in capacity and increase in performance over the past century in order to meet the constant growing demand for higher productivity. Internal combustion engines power approximately half of all lifting and placement machines, and have seen tremendous increases in power, efficiency, and reliability—but lead acid batteries, which power the other half of these applications, such as forklifts, have not improved nearly as much. This is where ultracapacitors come in. All architectures of lift trucks can greatly benefit from hybridizing their current power source with an ultracapacitor based system; this will also reduce harmful carbon emissions and further increase efficiency of these machines.

Forklifts must run for a long time between refueling or recharging, and ultracapacitors, when paired with batteries, optimize the forklift’s ability to store energy. Ultracapacitors are uniquely capable of providing “burst power” or “pulse energy,” which is defined as the peak power or highest energy for up to one full minute of operation. However, they can also be used for longer duration applications. Hybridized with different battery chemistries, ultracapacitors make the perfect energy/power solution for electric forklifts. They provide significant gains in run time, truck performance, reliability, battery life, and lower energy costs. As a result, more work can be completed at a faster rate per battery, limiting the required number of batteries to one per shift, so it is highly cost-effective as well.

Recently, there has been an increased awareness and concern for the negative effects of the “carbon footprint” made by internal combustion engines which are used in trucks. Several countries have begun lead reduction and clean air initiatives, and manufacturers are looking for fuel economy improvements. IOXUS Ultracapacitors are the best solution for simple improvements by eliminating lead starting batteries and creating these hybridized systems. They help maximize the performance and run time of your current fleet through battery parallel and start/stop systems, providing the most efficient and reliable energy storage system. This helps satisfy the growing need to be environmentally conscious, and is the most cost-effective solution to make the best of your forklift or internal combustion engine.

– AGV: Eliminate batteries and need for recharging with 24x7x365 connection and charge via wireless charging for line following or smart vehicle movement.


– RTG: Provide peak load support while capturing regenerative lowering energy to reduce fuel costs and improve reliability, in a lower cost than electrification.


– Robotics: Provide fast response power to allow for precise movements and high power loads.


– Peak Shaving: Provide fast-response power support to prevent voltage sags and reduce peak operating costs.


– Medical: Provide peak shaving for locations with poor grid stability.


– Critical Load: Provide energy to data centers or machines between power failures and initiation of backup power systems, such as diesel generators or fuel cells.


– Gen-set: Increased reliability of starting in any environment.

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