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96 Volt, X-Series Modules available w/o CAN Communication – View More X-SERIES® Specification

Weight – 9.5 lbs
– 4.3 kgs

Length – 554.4 mm
Height – 223 mm
Width – 148 mm

Volume:  17.4L
Cell Size:  1,200F
Number of Cells:
Voltage, (V DC), Rated/MAX:  97.2/102.6
Capacitance, IEC (F), Min/Normal:  31/33
DC ES, EIC (mΩ), NORMAL/MAX:  9.7/11.5
DC ESR, 10 m5 (mΩ), NORMAL/MAX:  15.1/18.3
AC Impedance, 1kHz (mΩ), NORMAL/MAX:
EMAX, (Whr)[Min/Nom]:
DC, (10yr, 25°C, @VR) [F/mΩ]:
ENDURANCE, (2,000hr, @VR) [F/mΩ]: 
STORAGE, (2yr, 25°C, @VR) [F/mΩ]: 
CYCLE, (1M Cycles, 25°C, @VR-@VR/2) [F/mΩ]: 


Additional Specifications For All Models:

UL 810A Max Operational Voltage(VDC)  –  2,000VDC (per series string)

Hi-Pot(VAC) –  5,000

Operational Range(OC) –  -40oC to +65oC(operational) to -40oC to +70oC(storage)

Continuous Current(A ), [20o Rise] –  Test data available for some. Contact IOXUS

Current, Short Circuit(A) –  10,000(1,200F), 12,400(2,000F), 13,500(3,000F)

Current, Peak[1s] (A) –  1,200(1,200F), 1,900(2,000F), 2,500(3,000F)

Resistance, Thermal(OC/W), [RTH] –  Test data available for some. Contact IOXUS

Terminal Size & Max Torque –  M8/20Nm & M10/30Nm

Safety/Environmental –  RoHS, UL810a, Chinese RoHS, IP67

Shock –  IEC 60068-2-27(TA1@25g), ISO 16750-3(4.2.2)

Vibration –  ISO 16750-3(Table 12)


Product specification test and calculation methods are available:

View More X-SERIES® Specification

See Product Guide Section

User Manual for iMOD X-SERIES® Rev B Modules

User Manual for CAN Extension Module

X-SERIES® Data Sheet


If you are interested in purchasing modules w/o CAN Communication, please contact the IOXUS sales team.




PROP 65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.

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