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As the world rapidly moves towards greener modes of transportation, IOXUS stays at the forefront of developing that important technology. Our large cell ultracapacitors and modules provide large energy storage systems which significantly improve the efficiency of hybrid electric vehicles. By recycling the energy capture during braking, they will lower the peak power requirements on hybrid-diesel, fuel cell, or battery-based vehicles. This will dramatically change the way that diesel engines, such as the ones in mining trucks, heavy equipment, and locomotives, use energy. An IOXUS ultracapacitor stabilizes the power output of these devices, saving energy and resulting in significant life expectancy increases for fuel-cell and battery-based applications.

Ultracapacitors help satisfy the greatest diesel engine starting needs, especially starting time and reliability. Battery and capacitor combinations have been used in railway transport in Russia for over sixteen years, and now changes are being made all over the world to change these outdated “batteries only” systems. By combining an ultracapacitor with the power source, which is most often a lead acid battery, the strengths in both devices are maximized and the load on the power source will be drastically reduced. The advantages of this are shown at the very first moment that the engine is started at the maximum energy demand, shown by data of released energy versus starting time. Even under the most favorable starting conditions, the voltage drop in a fully charged battery was -40 percent at the initial starting moment. Ultracapacitors improve this and reduce that voltage drop by delivering more energy to the starter, and outperforming the battery within a short interval of 1.4 seconds.

– Automotive: Provide cranking power and voltage stabilization in start/stop systems, backup and peak power for key automotive applications – and serve as energy storage in regenerative braking systems.


– Commercial Truck Engine Starting: Increase starting reliability of trucks in cold weather or when idle reduction has drained the batteries.


– Heavy Equipment: Capture energy and provide burst power to assist in lifting operations.


– Train: Capture energy from regenerative braking systems and release power to assist in train acceleration, and used for autonomous power where overhead lines are not available.


– Hybrid Bus: Harvest power from regenerative braking systems and release power to help hybrid buses accelerate and reduce emissions.

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